SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization is a fancy term for improving your websites performance on Google. Yesteryear’s when Gramps needed to find an electrician he would whip out the giant yellow pages and find a number for someone. Today we pull out our cell phone and search Google in the same way. SEO makes your yellow page listing more relevant to whatever Gramps is searching, therefore your website will pop up at the top of Google and Gramps can get your number.

SEO Basics

Ninjas not required but recommended

How relevant your website is depends on how informative your website is. Whenever you Google something obscure what seems to always show up first? Wikipedia, right. For example Google ‘Elvis Presley’. Wikipedia is the very first result because their content cannot be matched by anyone else. Elvis’ own website ranks behind Wikipedia because even ‘The King’ cannot match the influence Wikipedia has on Google. A perfect example of the importance of quality content on your website. 

Within that content, sprinkled from the sky like fairy dust, keywords need to be present. These are specific words or phrases you expect consumers to search for when finding your product or service. But like my old Swedish Grandma would say “lagom” is the key with keywords (see what I did there). If you do not have an old Swedish Grandma feel free to Google it (Wikipedia will show up #1 I bet). Anyhow, losing traction here, keywords need to be used in the right amount. Too many and your site looks spammy to Google. Too few and Google doesn’t pick up on them. In the end, lagom. 

Anywhere your businesses NAP (name, address, phone) is displayed online is called a citation for your business. The more citations you have out in the world wide web the more credible your business looks to Google. More credible = higher ranking. Our ninjas know how to get you as many citations as you want. How many should you want? More than your competition. Hiyahhhhh!

Ah yes, influence gold in the eyes of Google. Backlinks are simply links to your website from other websites. Not all backlinks are created equal, it all depends on where that link is coming from. The more influential the website linking to you is, the more power that backlink has for your own websites influence. Google looks at backlinks as votes for your website in the internet world. Votes that are saying “I approve this website” telling Google you are legit. How do you get backlinks? You let our ninjas do it for you of course! HiYahhhhhhhhhh!